[EpiData-list] showing <IDNUM> in statusbar

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Fri Feb 23 04:07:11 CST 2007

Hi all,

Thanks Juergen for your valuable tip to use


to show the value of field 'respnumber' in the statusbar during data 
entry! I'm quite unexperienced in using epidata and didn't know of this 
nice feature.

Still I have a question. Is it also possible to show the value of the 
automatic IDNUM field in the statusbar? The reason for this question is 
that I do not want to enter the respondent number myself, but would like 
to use the automatically generated IDNUM instead.

More or less related is the next question. If one uses the following two 
lines (look quite  meaningless, I agree)


in the QES file, then why does, during data entry, the first <IDNUM> 
always stay 1 - even after entering the second, third etc. case - while 
the second <IDNUM> is adjusted to the correct case number, i.e., the one 
who's data are currently being entered?  

Bye and thanks for any help, Ben.

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