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Sat Feb 24 01:27:38 CST 2007

Dear Friends,
                Thanks for your time and effort. I tried in so many many ways. Nothing is working. I am attching a sample file with following PGM.

The error message obtained are shown in the next line beginning with "*"
Kindly help.

With regards,

Dr. Shavinder Singh

set echo=off
set replace logfile=on
read "d:\work\amdate.rec"
define wdateu <DD/MM/YYYY>
LET wdateu=wdate

define dbirthU <DD/MM/YYYY>
LET dbirthU=dbirth

define interval ###
let interval=date("wdateu","dmy")- date("dbirthu","dmy")
list Interval

*Error message - (NO RESPONSE)

define interval2 ###
let interval2=Integer(date("wdate" - "dbirth"))
list Interval2

*Error message Access violation at address 006C91D6 in module 'EPIDATASTAT.EXE'. Read of address FFFFFFFF

define interval3 ###
let interval3=Integer(date("wdate") - date("dbirth"))
list Interval3

*Error message - (NO RESPONSE)

define interval4 ###
let interval4=Integer(round(date("wdate","mdy")- date("dbirth","mdy")))
list Interval4

*Error message -(NO RESPONSE)

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