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Mon Feb 26 15:13:37 CST 2007

In writing documentation, help file, how to's, faq solutions etc. the 
problem is not so much to give solutions, but how to write solutions in 
a way where users actually find them.

For the age calculation if you look in EpiData Entry file under "time 
functions" you will see:
LET INT1=(ROUND(INT((TODAY-D1)/365.25))   
Calculates the age of a person whose date of birth was entered in D1.
Round is needed to convert the result of the calculation from a real 
number to a integer number.
and if you look in the help file for entry under "time functions" or 
"time about" or
"Age on specific date" one example clearly shows how to do the 
calculations questioned on the list recently.

The time example is also included with the installation of the Entry 

I am not saying this to "point fingers" at the recent questioning on 
this list, but to underline that despite the amount of documentation, 
field notes, help files etc. it is my firm conviction that there is a 
definite need for a lively help line.

For users following the Stata list or having used the very large volume 
of documentation and help facilities for Stata (www.stata.com) you will 
notice that also on that list questions shows up on issues actually 
explained but users not finding them.

In other words: We can and should include obvious "often asked issues" 
in documentation, but even if we do, there will be someone not finding 
this information. Which is exactly why a large user base where someone 
find and take the time to answer these questions on the EpiData list is 
very important.


Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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