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We have 5 different diagnostic summary sheets for subjects in a study I'm working on.  Since they are not necessarily completely at one time, we decided to enter them in separate files to have all the data available as soon as possible.  I put the 5 sets of entry files (.rec, .chk, and .eix) files on a shared drive where anyone working on the project can access them for entry.   Everyone doing entry has Epidata on his/her own computer. 

I also put a SAS program there that calls a Epi-c  batch file  that  creates SAS files and then merges them into a SAS dataset with all the data from the various files so anyone in the group can easily create a merged file with all the data.  It doesn't work if any of the Epidata files are open, but this has only been a minor problem so far.

Richard Herrell

epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca wrote: Epi-Data users:

What strategies have you used to get around the limitation of only being
able to input the data on one computer?  We are thinking of splitting the
file into two - with Type A respondents in one file/on one computer and Type
B respondents in another file/on a different computer and then combining the
resulting datasets in Stata.  Will this work?  Are there other/better

Kristine Hopkins
khopkins at prc.utexas.edu

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