[EpiData-list] Entering time and date for outbreaks

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Wed Feb 28 17:01:05 CST 2007

Hi Christine and Hans,

Christine - so glad to hear it worked for you!

Hans - that's a good idea about using an anchor date to help keep the
temporary fields smaller, and also keeping them out of the qes file -
I'll have to try that one.

Allowing for missing times and dates is a very good point too - it is
always good to use a code for missing where possible, though in this
case it may complicate the logic used in the chk file somewhat.
Christine - do write again if you would like some help with this if
you think you will allow a code for missing dates and times.

Regarding the anchor time - I was thinking that once Christine got the
formulae working (as now she has) she could get rid of the temporary
variables all together and instead use something like:

    timediff= (Int(vtime2) + (Frac(vtime2)/0.6) + (vdate2*24)) -
(Int(vtime1) + (Frac(vtime1)/0.6) + (vdate1*24))

in place of where we had:

    vhours2=Int(vtime2) + (Frac(vtime2)/0.6) + (vdate2*24)
    vhours1=Int(vtime1) + (Frac(vtime1)/0.6) + (vdate1*24)

So I think in this situation the anchor time would not still be needed?


Charity Jenkins
Data Processing Officer
Centre for Behavioural Research in Cancer
The Cancer Council Victoria

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