[EpiData-list] deleted and excluded records

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Tue Mar 13 02:43:23 CDT 2007

Thanks for the quick response to my email.

I would just like to clarify my suggestion re "excluded" and "deleted"
records.  The issue is not about whether one can control reading
deleted records or not (as Jens' response implies).  My point was that
if one is not aware that records have been deleted, it would be more
informative on reading the dataset in Analysis if the message
specifically states that x records have been deleted (and are
therefore excluded).  Using the word "excluded" suggests that Analysis
has a problem with some values and therefore has excluded the records.
 One could spend quite some time trying to identify the problem before
realising that these are merely records that have been deleted.

On the point of deleted records, is there some way in Analysis of
identifying records which had been deleted (but which one has chosen
to include in the analysis).  In EpiInfo, there was a system variable
RECDELETED.  Also, in browse/update mode, deleted records were
identifiable by an asterisk.  This was very useful in trying to sort
out why records had been deleted.

Thanks again,
Annemieke van Middelkoop

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