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Two possibilities come to mind, both compromises at this time.
1) Leave some space at the end of each field as you type to allow you to 
insert characters. Of course, this will have its limits.
2) Capture the text using the data notes capability. Just hit <F5> when 
in a field and EpiData opens the Notes screen. You can type all you want 
in here. EpiData puts in the record number, field name and current field 
contents, so you may want to add to a BEFORE ENTRY block for this field:

  WRITENOTE "Notes for patient @patidnum, visit number @visitnum"

This a very powerful feature of EpiData that is missing from most other 
You don't have any means of manipulating the data, but they are captured 
and can be reviewed and edited in any text/word processor.


epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca wrote:
> Hi all,
> Is there a nice way in Epidata to deal with long text fields of 300 
> positions? I'm working with a questionnaire with open-end questions. 
> The answers are not longer than about 300 characters. The qes files 
> now has four text fields, each covering 80 positions which is the 
> maximum. Though this works, it is e.g. not easy to make corrections in 
> the text, since the four fields are handled separately by Epidata; 
> inserting a word that I forgot to enter in the first field implies 
> that all remaining fields have to be adjusted as well, since the text 
> does not scroll over all five fields at the same time. Also, instead 
> of showing 80 positions, only 64 are visible at a time, in each field. 
> Does anyone have an idea or tip what I could do, staying with Epidata 
> that is. (Of course, I could also type the text in notepad or 
> whatever, but it's much nicer to keep all data together.) Thanks for 
> any advice, Ben.
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