[EpiData-list] Long texts in EpiData Entry

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Wed Mar 14 12:28:53 CDT 2007

Regarding Jamie 2nd option (see below), one thing we have to be aware is
the problem of file size that the Epidat Editor can manage. If i am not
wrong there is a limitation on that side. So check if that limitations is
going to be a problem when entering your comments.

> 2) Capture the text using the data notes capability. Just hit <F5> when
> in a field and EpiData opens the Notes screen. You can type all you want
>  in here. EpiData puts in the record number, field name and current
> field  contents, so you may want to add to a BEFORE ENTRY block for this
> field:
>   WRITENOTE "Notes for patient @patidnum, visit number @visitnum"
>   END
> This a very powerful feature of EpiData that is missing from most other
> software.
> You don't have any means of manipulating the data, but they are captured
>  and can be reviewed and edited in any text/word processor.
> Jamie
Pedro Arias

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