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Thu Mar 15 18:15:05 CDT 2007

Right - you would have to institute a practice of archiving the log file 
periodically into Word or something else without the limit and then 
empty the log file or delete it. This isn't ideal, of course, but many 
of us have had to deal with this problem. Interestingly, the 
EpiInfo/EpiData record format would permit coding a field length of 
9999-makes you wonder what Andy Dean was thinking of back then. The 
solution is probably not that difficult, and I would certainly 
discourage trying to manage fields longer than 20 or so in Analysis. 
This is something to add to the wish list.


epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca wrote:
> Hi Pedro, that's a good point. I'll try to figure that out. It seems 
> to me that Epidata was not really developed for dealing with long text 
> fields. Nevertheless, many questionnaires have such questions, e.g. a 
> concluding question in which the respondent can comment on the 
> contents of the questionnaire and this often leads to long and very 
> interesting comments. It would ofcourse be nice if such and other long 
> text answers could simply be processed with Epidatal. Maybe this will 
> become more easy in a future release? Who knows. Bye and thanks, Ben.
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