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Mon Apr 2 15:08:21 CDT 2007

Helo all,

Recently I was involved in a clinical trial in one center. Because of that I
had to read some new stuff and to have classes of good clinical practices
and about the ICH (International conference on harmonization). There are
some stuff about these regulatory good clinical practice that I woul like to
put on the list but for now a more pratical issue.

Because of these regulatory resolutions, the research have to keep the
clinical forms on paper, dated and signed by those who fill them. Since the
clinical interview and evaluation will be made in offices where computer are
easily accessible, then it would be easier if the professionals fill the
forms on the computer an right after to print them. And only then sign and
date the forms.

There is a print option in the file menu while the enter data is open.
However I would like to turn it automatic. Such as at the end of the form,
while saving in the file, epidata would automaticlly send the form to the

As far as I could look for, I didnt find any chk command that would satisfy
my wishes. So, I was figuring out to put a warning message, but it wouldnt
work the same way. Any one with a tip to work around?

Thank you,
Pedro Emmanuel Brasil
Abraço forte e que a força esteja com você,
Pedro Emmanuel

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