[EpiData-list] Changing confidence intervals & getting appropriate stats

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Thu Apr 5 05:08:22 CDT 2007

I sent a request on the 29th of March asking how one could change CI to
reflect 90% instead of 95% which I assume is the default. I am working
in Epidata Analysis V2.0 (build 108). Someone suggested to add the
following command: Set TABLE CI HEADER="(90% CI)", which I've tried. It
does change the header to reflect 90% but the actual CI values still
stays the same.  I would also like to get the Fischer Exact p value, as
well as the CI values in the table. The only way I've been able to get
these, has been to put in the following command: tables var1 var2 /EX
/CI /f (see below). But then it gives me two tables, which I am not sure
how to interpret.

.tables diarrh numtous2 /EX /CI /F
Any member of family suffered of DIARRHOEA during last month?
 	N	%	(90% CI)     ........ only header changed, not
values underneath
1	9	2.4	(1.3-4.5)
2	368	97.6	(95.5-98.7)
Total	377	100.0	
 	N	%	(90% CI)
<5	182	49.3	(44.3-54.4)
5&MORE	187	50.7	(45.6-55.7)
Total	369	100.0



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