[EpiData-list] How to get appropriate stats - correction

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Sun Apr 8 15:31:55 CDT 2007

Apologies. Part of my previous request about appropriate stats would not
have made sense as I have subsequently realised that adding  /f gives
frequencies of the variables. Please bear with me and consider my
revised question around the issue on how to get the appropriate stats.

I would like to get the Fischer Exact p value, as well as the CI values
as part of my table output. I looked in the help function and the
command options do not seem to match up with the explanations.  There is
supposed to be an option that says 'add an extra table with a summary of
chi square, p values etc' but I can't find the appropriate command on
the LHS. I have been able to get the Fischer's exact p by using the
command /EX but the command /CI didn't give me any confidence intervals.
(I am using build 108).



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