[EpiData-list] EpiData Analysis - next test release ready

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Fri May 11 16:46:48 CDT 2007

Build 112 of analysis has been uploaded for testing. Users are 
encouraged to try the following:
    * Install routine
    * new table command
    * epicurve  dotplot cdfplot
    * Spc routines
    * documentation
    * reading and saving files
_Known issues and comments_
    * Default sorting of non-integer reals in tables
    * Histogram error (rightmost bar not shown)
    * Notice /cc changed to /nm in tables
    * recode v1 to v2 by x  gives partial errors (e.g. 10-1 09)
    * possibly help file principle partially correct
        writing word in command prompt via F1 link to help file
_Recently solved_
    * All fields saved correctly (?)
    * EpiCurve Final
    * Added Upper Case fields
    * New graphs: Histogram refined (xinc xmin and xmax working)
    * Clarified help file (F1)
    * (other bugs removed)
    * test of date correctness
    * added protection against reserved terms(e.g. date)

The addition of upper case fields had consequences in many areas. 
Previously analysis did not compare strings correctly. Before release
as version 2 the following will be added:
Writing chk files, Translation of menu's,
Dialog for the new tables module, fixing bugs

Kind regards

Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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