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Mon Jul 9 07:35:52 CDT 2007

There are some useful tips in the list archives from April 2007 (Getting 
values from other records) that will help with 2)

In general, you can make use of the ability of EpiData Analysis to 
reference values in other records in the database. You do this by using 
square brackets after a variable name. var[i] is the value of var in 
record i; var[_n] is the value of var in the current record.
For example, for problem 1), say you want to use fields age, sex, 
district to check for records where ID might be miscoded:

gen s asd=string(age)+sex+district
sort asd id
define checkrec #
if (asd=asd[_n-1]) and (id<>id[_n-1]) then checkrec=1
if (asd=asd[_n+1]) and (id<>id[_n+1]) then checkrec=1
select checkrec=1

This will list all records where asd matches the record before or after, 
but id does not match.

3) should be done at entry time
4) can be done using same strategy as above
sort id vist
gen b checkrec=(id=id[_n-1]) and (visitdate<visitdate[_n-1])
list id visit visitdate if checkrec

Vicy wrote:
> I'm setting up a multi-centre longitudinal study where data will be 
> entered by health care workers with very little experience of research 
> or possibly of computers. Every two weeks they will be visited by 
> researchers. The data will be entered long, ie with one record for 
> each time point. I need the data entry to be very simple, and  the 
> researchers will run consistency checks to find problems. Some things 
> I want to do are:
> 1) check for duplicates on a few fields ( of course there is a unique 
> ID - this would be to pick up duplicate data with different IDs)
> 2) check number of time points per patient ID
> 3) check dates are within range
> 4) check that date for time point 2 comes after date for time point 1 
> for the same patient ID
> I have used EpiData for entry for a few years but I haven't used 
> Analysis. I would be glad of any advice.
> Thanks,
> Vicky Simms

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