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Tue Jul 10 13:10:18 CDT 2007

Dear all,

I have a general question regarding the layout for the output of the
TABLES command.

In version 2 (112) the default option for TABLES is sorted in ascending
order. That means that when using boolean fields TABLES will display N,N
in the top left cell of a 2 x 2 table, because internally NO=0 and Yes=1.
(Jens, is that correct?)

When asking for RR (TABLES VAR1 VAR2 /RR) what we get is the RR of being N
in the outcome if you are N in the exposure. Which is clearly the inverse
of what we usually are looking for. But because most of the
statistical/epidemiological software dispay the table in the other way
(Y,Y on the top left cell) EpiData can misslead the users with its
results. (obviously users should read the table, but...). And we have /SD
as option to change that

My question is: Should EPiData follow the general rule of displaying YY in
the too left cell?. (and therefore calculating the RR that usually we are
interested in)

Jens has a point saying that if we change that when we are not interested
in RR but only in the numbers and %, most of the program follow the rule
of sorting the values in ascending order and that if we want to follow
this rule we will need an EPITABLE command (in version 2 he is trying to
get ride of innecesary commands). I think we alreday have the EPITABLE
command, it is TABLES V1 V2 /RR

I would appreciate if can comment on that. Version 2 is almost ready, but
i think this is an important issue.

Hope my explantion and question is clear.

Thanks a lot,
Pedro Arias
EpiData Spanish cotranslator

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