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 Thanks for the help Jamie, it works just fine; I like the notoolbars option.



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You can get most of this by doing the following:

Make sure the Windows Toolbars option is to hide toolbars during entry 
(this is the default)
Create a shortcut that has the command line

"c:\program files\epidata\epidata.exe" "c:\data\file.rec"

You can put "/notoolbars" on the end of that, but it may be better to 
set the options that way.

Users can still turn on the other toolbars, but why would they? 
Everything needed for entry is there.


> I would like to know if it is possible to force a data entry clerk to click on 
a short cut (which we can create and place on desktop) that would allow the user 
to only enter data without having access to the other data entry functions (e.g. 
check, data documentation, etc). This is to prevent the data entry person from 
chnaging anything with the data entry forms during the entry process.
> Shuaib


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