[EpiData-list] Command Set replace logfile=on

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Fri Aug 3 23:54:47 CDT 2007

  Dear Epidata Team friends,

        I want to get the html file output form datafile by a PGM.  I want to replace the previous output in the defined folder by the new output.  The commands in my PGM are as follows; 

          Set replace logfile=on
          Logopen “The quarterly report file  
. 2007” /close 

Error message displayed is “Replace Logfile not supported”

I change Set replace logfile=on to another command set replace datafile=on

That also does not help.

The help file about /close , /replace switches of Logopen command is not clear because it does not work as expected. If you close and reload Epidata Analysis, it works only once and displays error message when the PGM is run second time in the same session.

What is the right command syntax?
I am using trial version 2  (build 112).

With regards,

Shavinder Singh

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