[EpiData-list] Floating point error in analysis (describe)

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Mon Aug 6 16:43:20 CDT 2007

I uninstalled Analysis, installed the testing version as you
recommended, and the problem no longer occurs.

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epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca wrote:
> re: "invalid floating pint" error with DESCRIBE in Analysis
>> I use the command line editor to issue DESCRIBE * command, and I get
>> descriptive summaries of all variables, including the variable called
>> But when I issue the command DESCRIBE AMOUNT, I get an error message:
>> Invalid floating point operation
> Please do the following:
> 1. Download the most recent testing version of EpiData Analysis:
> www.epidata.dk/testing.php
> 2. Retry the same analysis
> 3. Report to the list if the problem persisted.
> 4. If the problem persisted:
>   a. pack your data file in a zip file (e.g. with epidata entry - tools
> menu).
>   b. report the error to the epidata mantis system
>        http://www.epidata.dk/php/mantis/login_page.php
>        and upload the zip file as part of the error report.
> Kind regards
> Jens Lauritsen
> EpiData Association
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