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Tue Aug 14 01:30:14 CDT 2007

  Dear All,
               I have a relational database comprising of 8 data entry forms. 

          The structure is as follow;

                      FFNO                            FAMIDNUM                         CARD
  Family   ---------------     Ecouple   -----------------------    Under5  ------  Growth Monitoring form
     |                                         |
     |                                         |
     |  FFNO                             |  CSNO
     |                                         | 
     |                                         |
Agesex Form                     Contraception

The field names in capital are unique key fields for relating the form during data entry.
When I relate Growth Monitoring form Under5 form, the relating happens. When I relate Under5 Form with Ecouple the following message is displayed.

Loading data D:\EpiData\Try\Gm.rec, please wait..
Excluded: 1243184 records marked for deletion
File name : D:\EpiData\Try\Gm.rec
Growth Monitoring Register
Fields: 9 Total records: 6 Included: 6
. relate card UNDER5
Loading data D:\EpiData\Try\UNDER5.REC, please wait..
Excluded: 1243148 records marked for deletion
File name : D:\EpiData\Try\UNDER5.REC
. relate FAMIDNUM Ecouple
Loading data D:\EpiData\Try\Ecouple.REC, please wait..
Excluded: 1243148 records marked for deletion
1 4218388

The relation happens only up to 2 forms only. 
What is meant by the error message   1 4218388

Is there any way out. I am doing it through EPI6 at present which does it seamlessly. Do we still have development issue  regarding “RELATE” command in the Epidata Analysis (Ver 2 Build 112b). I am attaching this sample database in the form of CHC ZIP.
 Please enlighten upon this problem.


Dr. Shavinder


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