[EpiData-list] Relational Files Relate Error

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Tue Aug 14 20:30:21 CDT 2007

I can reproduce this exactly with my installed version of Analysis 
(Build 112). When I isolate the GM.REC file by changing its name (i.e. 
no longer have associated .chk and index files), the "Excluded: ..." 
message continues. So this is not a problem of the index file. The only 
way I could get rid of this message was by removing the File description 
from the first header line in the .rec file.

That is, changing

14 1 Filelabel: Growth Monitoring Register


14 1

I haven't seen this before, with many test files, so I just don't get 
it. EPI6 ignores everything else on the first line of a .rec file, so 
this suggests that there is some problem with the file description. 
Analysis doesn't care if this is not present. However, I've not seen 
this ever before. Jens can shed light on the header line. Sometimes it 
includes the word VLAB, but this doesn't help with this problem.


Dr Shavinder wrote:

>                I have a relational database comprising of 8 data entry forms. 
> When I relate Growth Monitoring form Under5 form, the relating happens. When I relate Under5 Form with Ecouple the following message is displayed.
> Loading data D:\EpiData\Try\Gm.rec, please wait..
> Excluded: 1243184 records marked for deletion
> File name : D:\EpiData\Try\Gm.rec
> Growth Monitoring Register
> Fields: 9 Total records: 6 Included: 6
> . relate card UNDER5
> Loading data D:\EpiData\Try\UNDER5.REC, please wait..
> Excluded: 1243148 records marked for deletion
> File name : D:\EpiData\Try\UNDER5.REC
> . relate FAMIDNUM Ecouple
> Loading data D:\EpiData\Try\Ecouple.REC, please wait..
> Excluded: 1243148 records marked for deletion
> 1 421838

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