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Hello everyone

I have been asked to set up a database for a questionnaire that has
already been written.
I was going to set it up in epidata but my problem is how to deal with
a question that asks people to rank options.
The question gives a list of topics and asks the person filling in the
questionnaire to rank them from 1-10 in order of importance. (It is for
a city council and they want to know what young people are most
concernred about so the choices are crime, employment, environment etc).

I thought in the qes I could just make a variable for each topic and
enter the number the respondent puts beside it, but I don't know how to
then analyse the answers, so I can find out what the top 10 issues are
If anyone has done this before and can offer a suggestion I would be



Christine Roseveare
Regional Public Health
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027 495 9671

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