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Sun Sep 2 23:28:11 CDT 2007

Dear Jens,
                   Release of build 118 is good news. Thanks you for this wonderful software.
  In the last few weeks, I had posted 3 queries on the list;
a.	Command Set replace logfile=on 
b.	Incomplete execution of PGM
c.	Relational Files Relate error.

     Problem “a” could be solved by the “erase command”.
     You solved the problem “b” by suggesting the use of IMIF command along with If   
     You solved problem “c” in the build 118. Jamie had also helped to clarifying the issue.

  My gratitude to you and Jamie.

May I suggest the following? 

1.  There is a large Epidata Entry and Analysis user base now in many countries. Most of us are past users of EPI6 and have graduated to Epidata thankfully.  If each of us writes the documentation of ONE command with example, our command reference can be really exhaustive and useful like EPI6 manual. Of course this will be massive editing job for Epidata team.
There are many queries still concerned with the commands.  
 If we were not contributing financially, at least this much effort would save some resources for the Epidata Team.  If this idea appeals to you, I am willing to do my bit.

2. LIST and BROWSE commands are not exactly replaceable. BROWSE command is meant for visualizing the data only, while LIST command can actually print the list of records with selected variables in the output file. Build 118 release’s LIST command only lists the list of single variables after query. If possible, kindly preserve the functionality of  LIST command as it was in EPI6. 

With regards,
Dr. Shavinder Singh

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