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Mon Sep 3 14:49:29 CDT 2007

Shavinder Sing suggested that ..... If each of us writes the 
documentation of ONE command with example, our command reference can be 
really exhaustive and useful like EPI6 manual. .... is very appropriate. 
The idea of a user based documentation centre is exactly the idea of the 
wiki principles, where everyone can add whatever is possible for them. I 
expect that a common base wiki will be ready within 6-12 months.

Just now the following can be of immense importance:
a. Anyone having good examples for distribution consider adding these to 
the experimental wiki now placed at www.epidata.org/wiki

b. Consider writing documents in the form of "how to ...." and make a 
collection available from a local site, which can then be linked from 
the main site.

c. Make sure that everyone registers for news from EpIData Association, 
since the number of persons registering there is the only "proof" of 
usage we have when arguing with authorities that the effort is truly a 
non-profit international effort. Every so often some discussions come up 
here in which until now it has been very important to be able to show 
the large number of registered users.

Regarding the "LIST and BROWSE commands are not exactly replaceable." - 
this is true. I do not understand however why the function of list is 
not sufficient. There is a deficiency in list not being able to show 
"value labels", but apart from that I do not see any deficiencies - 
except that the output window is slow with large amounts of output. 
Possibly I do not understand the "...kindly preserve the functionality 
of LIST command as it was in EPI6. "

For inspiration of a collaborative effort I suggest everyone to look at 
the website course developed as part of a number of courses run under 
the "wings" of IUATLD Union (see www.iuatld.org) by Hans L. Rieder, 
presented at "http://www.tbrieder.org/epidata/course.htm". The contents 
have been developed by the "EpiData Promotors" 
(http://www.tbrieder.org/epidata/epidata_promoters.htm) with some 
substantive solutions from me. The courses have also influenced the 
contents of commands and other parts of the Epidata Software.


Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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