[EpiData-list] Leraning Material in portuguese

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Thu Oct 11 11:09:22 CDT 2007

Hello all epidata friends,

Early in this yaer I have make it avaible in the web a lerning material in
portuguese wich was placed a weblink in the epidata webpage nearby the
download of the portuguese version.

Since I do not control the webpage and the link was a FTP in a web serverver
I cant even tell if many or few have accessed the file. During this year,
the teaching coordinator of our institute, facing regulatory rules asked us
to put all the lerning/teching materials in a diferent place.

So, the same material (which I intend to update only next year) are now at
both old (first) and new (last one) weblink. Sometime in the future,
probably  the old one will not work anymore. The  only diference between
them is that the webmaster of new adress put a open code to download the
file. This procedure seems to avoid automatic download of all files
available at the same time and overflow the server.


I hope those speak portuguese may not have any difficulties to acces if

Abraço forte e que a força esteja com você,
Pedro Emmanuel

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