[EpiData-list] Records marked as deleted

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Fri Oct 12 15:09:04 CDT 2007

I am trying to use EpiData to validate duplicate files that have been entered into SPSS.  I have tried saving them as dBASE III and dBASE IV files (which save only the first 128 or 256 variables respectively) and have up to 417 cases.  When I open the .dbf files via SPSS, an additional column labeled D_R is included in the file.  In this variable, an asterisk indicates that the record has been marked for deletion and, based on what I understand about transferring to EpiData, anything with such marking will be considered deleted but not purged.  When I check the file in SPSS, no files are marked as deleted.  However, when I import the file into EpiData, some of the records are - seemingly randomly - marked as deleted.  I am wondering if anyone knows why this happens or what I can do to stop it.  Thanks.
 - Amy

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