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Sat Oct 13 09:16:17 CDT 2007

As noted by Pedro Emmanuel regarding material in Portuguese the policy 
from my side is to provide links next to the translations for materials 
in the different languages on the main epidata.dk download page. It is 
difficult to maintain the links if they change often. To assure that all 
links are up to date at all times the most efficient way is to have a 
link to a webpage and not to a particular file. The latter changes every 
so often, whereas the overall - e.g. institutional site - changes rarely.

All users are encouraged to locate any link errors on the epidata.dk 
pages and inform me directly via the mail info at epidata.dk. I tend not 
to disclose my personal email, since spamming soon then gets a major 
problem. The main mail will inform of large spam problems,  but if you 
add "EpiData educational material" to the subject that mail should come 

On the wikipedia site I have added an entry for epidata. After some 
finetuning of the wikipedia by some of the administrators from 
wikipedia, there is now a short and rather clear text. See

It could be an idea if users translate that same page for some of the 
"other than english" versions of wikipedia. I am not sure of the way to 
do so, but look in the Wikipedia site for instructions. You will notice 
that the wikipedia text refers to EpiData Wiki at www.epidata.org/wiki. 
The EpiData wiki is among other aspects on the agenda for a meeting 
taking place this weekend in Canada, where closer involvement of 
Canadian epidemiologists in the development of EpiData will be 
discussed. More news on this exciting event will follow next week.

I expect to give within 1-2 weeks the final announcement of release of 
EpiData Analysis v2.0. With a few more aspects to settle the test 
version is almost ready. Information will be given here and to all 
registered users when this takes place.

Jens Lauritsen
Coordinator , EpiData Association

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