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Thu Oct 18 02:32:51 CDT 2007

Shavinder Sing attached a larger html file (77kb) and asked :

The Htm output file of Epi Analysis (build 122) behaves differently from 
the other htm files. I tried opening one htm file (after running a PGM 
in the Epi Analysis) in the Open Office 2.2, 2.3 (Writer) and Microsoft 
Word 2000, 2003, 2007. The data figures are visible. The outline of the 
tables is faintly visible in the white background. In the print out only 
data figures are visible, not table outline
One has to individually select and choose the appropriate table outline 
from the table properties box (which is quite tedious for long reports). 
Is there any solution? I set table design=box. I also tried looking into 
the “epiout_w for any hint but no luck.

Is it not possible to have the same table output for printing, as it is 
visible in the Epi Analysis window after generating the report?

With regards,
Dr. Shavinder Singh
I rejected the mail, since we do not want large attachments (some users 
are using slow modem lines). But the question is relevant. The output 
definitions in EpiData Analysis conforms to W3C standards of html and 
requires also knowledge of the use of css style sheets. The definitions 
and further description of how to handle this can be found in the 

The problem of the lacking frames described is related to the use of 
style sheets, which are files describing output. For use of output in 
external browsers users should experiment with:
a. copying the style sheet files to an appropriate place
b. including the style sheet information in the output file. These two 
set commands:

Simply: set style sheet external=off
will secure that all styles are defined in the html output file.

Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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