[EpiData-list] Almost final EpiData Analysis v2.0 placed for testing

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Sat Oct 27 10:46:20 CDT 2007

Two aspects needs clarification and further exploration :
1   Chi Square values in stratified analysis of 2x2 tables
2 Saving datafiles with "Epi6 naming convention". Only "First Word" 
works completely.

After finding the cause for the CHI Square problems and final testing of 
MERGE command it is my intention to release current test build as first 
v2.0 of EpiData Analysis.

Among the latest changes are implementation of a MERGE command, which 
replaces relate in analysis and removal of more or less all reported 
major problems on the Mantis system. Some wishes are still there, but 
will be looked at later.

The MERGE command is a replacement for relate. An example:
read patients
  rename name to ptname
merge surgeon /file=surgeon  /table
  rename name to surgname
merge hospid /file=hospital /table
  rename name to hospname

the /table option makes sure, that several patients can get information 
from one record in the hospital or surgeon file. "Table lookup". Without 
the /table option, the key must be unique in the files. A key consists 
of the variables (as many as you like, e.g. sex age city) mentioned 
after the merge command. Notice that the file to merge now must be given 
with the /file parameter.

Users finding problems please discuss here or for definite errors report 
to the Mantis database. See

Kind regards
Jens Lauritsen

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