[EpiData-list] EpiData Analysis - status release candidate

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Sun Nov 4 18:27:13 CST 2007

Three aspects needs clarification and further exploration :
1 Chi Square values in stratified analysis of 2x2 tables
2 Saving datafiles with "Epi6 naming convention". Only "First Word" 
works completely.
3 Percentiles have problems with small numbers of observations

Except for these three problem areas I think all major issues have now 
been solved.

The table command syntax has been simplified to:
tables ........ (default) will do stratified analysis or a n*k table.
tables .......        /oa  will create a condensed outbreak table with 
attack rates and rr
tables ........      /cc  a condensed table with odds ratios
tables .......      /fv  will do a "first against all other variables", 
but currently is limited to 2x2 tables

It is my intention to release current as a "silent starter" for v2. By 
silent I mean without a lot of news due to the limitations mentioned 
above. A warning is given when the analysis commands (tables, describe, 
stattable) affected by the problems are used. I expect the problems to 
be solved within about a week or two at most. The reason for the "silent 
release" is that some courses are due, which do not use these commands.

What could change my decision of release as is would be strong 
disagreement from users on this list. Please discuss, but if no major 
concerns show up, the release will happen tomorrow.

Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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