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Thu Nov 8 04:09:53 CST 2007

For those who will do outbreak investigations, you have to be careful:
Using Oswega.rec data you will get wrong estimates of attac rates and RR, using
tab ill cakes vanilla chocolate /oa /ex

To get the right results, you have to use
tab ill cakes vanilla chocolate /oa / sd /ex

There are a bug in the tab command. In statified analysis the adjusted RR is correct, also the estimated
MH-chisq and p-value. However, the degree of freedom (Df) of the MH estimator is wrong:
To demonstrate the case use
tab ill vanilla sex  /rr / sd/ t

Despite these considerations, thanks for the new version.

Egil Arnesen
Institute of community medicine, 
University of Tromsø, Norway.

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Emne: [EpiData-list] Analysis V2 - Congratulations

Although there are a few minor bugs, these will usually be very obvious 
and only in the unusual situation. My quick testing on favourite 
troublesome data sets shows this is a great release.

If you know anyone working on outbreak investigations who has not seen 
Analysis, do them a favour and show them how to do the following on the 

tab ill cakes vanilla chocolate /oa /ex
gen i onset=(onsettime div 100) + iif(onsetdate = "04/19",24,0)
epicurve onset ill

You will make someone very happy, I'm sure. Many of us working in the 
field have been waiting for something as simple as this (I have been 
waiting over 25 years). Sure, you could almost do this in EPI6, but only 
with a lot of advanced knowledge - and forget the exact test except as 
table by table.

Many thanks to Jens & team!!

Jamie Hockin
Public Health Agency of Canada
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