[EpiData-list] EpiData Analysis - reported problems solved - build 127 uploaded

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Sat Nov 10 05:49:14 CST 2007

The reported problems in relation to b126 have all been solved.

In addition the following changes have been implemented:

dotplot : Now dots are symmetrical for each group

command prompt: At initiation the command prompt is empty (was "read" 
before". For users wishing to get the "read" command without using a 
mouse the shortest way is by pressing F4 (goto command prompt) followed 
by "Up-Arrow" (shows the "read" command), followed by "Enter" (open file 

documentation: clarified. Still some of the extended help files could 
have v1.0 description of options etc.

The download page now shows build and version next to the page, as well 
as there is also a zip file available containing the setup file.

Thanks for reporting the problems.

Part of the problem of the /SD etc discussed was, that the release build 
and a former test build had the same build number (b126) (by error), 
such that users could think they were having the same version, but 
actually did not.

Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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