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Fri Nov 23 01:57:21 CST 2007

1. Output formation and slow output

To remedy slow output: hit F12 button every so often.  This will clear the
screen and output speed goes up.


Output in EpiData Analysis is created in html format. The same format used
on internet pages. The good feature of this is that formatting is easy
without a lot of programming. E.g. for reporting users can write:

set echo=off
read myfile
count if age > 45   /q
type "Number of persons was @$count" /h3
tab sex
boxplot age /by=sex /ti="Current age structure by sex"
set echo = on

and the sentence with "type" will show the number of counts in a header
type line (/h3) followed by a table of sex and a boxplot.

The problem of html is however that it is a block structured file format.
Therefore each time a line is added the whole output - not just the added
line - has to be written on the screen.  Therefore the speed of output
slows down for every additional line you add.

After a certain length of the output the screen clears automatically.
Users cannot control this length (currently).

To remedy slow output: hit F12 button every so often.  Then when you have
the complete output you wish, save the commands as a pgm file and run all
again. Or at some point issue "logclose" and read the resulting logfile
(default EAoutput.htm) in a browser.

2: Vista and analysis:

There has been a report that EpiData Analysis cannot run on Windows

If anyone are using Vista, please report your experiences with this.

I assume that the specific user had insufficient "writing rights"
to the Vista machine, since the stopping occurred when trying to open
EAoutput.htm as part of the initiation sequence for analysis.


Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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