[EpiData-list] Size of surveys epidata can handle

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Thu Dec 13 06:19:03 CST 2007

The question was:
> Does epidata have a limit on the numbers of questions, or lines of text that a survey can be made up of?
The answer (999 lines) is in the Help for EpiData under Limitations:

No limit on number of observations in theory. In practice it should be 
less than about 2-300.000. (tested with 250.000). Search with index in 
80.000 records < 1 sec on Pentium I 200Mhz). All fields (variables) must 
fit within 999 lines of text. File size for CHK og QES files cannot 
exceed 64Kb in size if you work in the editor with that file.

EpiData cannot handle several users working in the same file. It is a 
single user system. But there is no problem in placing datafiles on a 
shared network drive. As long as each operator works with the data at a 
time when no other operator uses the data.

The length of category texts for numerical or string codes is 80 (value 
labels), the length of the codes as such is 30 characters.

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