[EpiData-list] New EpiData Entry v3.1 (build 27Jan2008) uploaded -warning of incorrect counts with analysis tab /cc option

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Mon Jan 28 12:30:35 CST 2008

A new compilation of EpiData Entry has been uploaded for all languages.

The following bugs have been fixed:

Bug fix for export to SPSS (dates)
Bug fix jump to noenter field
Integers up to 9 digits saved as integer (extended from 4) for 
compatibility with Analysis
Backup relative paths fixed
Various other issues, see Mantis database

Regarding the long integers (9 digits) - this will be changed in an 
upload of EpiData Analysis expected later this week.

The revised build of analysis will also fix the wrong placement of 
counts in "Tab ..... /cc" , where there is a misplacement of counts btw. 
columns. (Mantis issue reported)

Until the bugfix has been uploaded get correct counts by also adding the 
/obs option. E.g.
tab case sex ham eggs protein /cc /obs
And use the correct counts in the "obs" column. Odds ratios and ChiSq 
tests are correct.

The translation of analysis is in preparation and the implementation of 
this has revealed need for more clear separation of the various menu 
parts. Before final upload a testversion will be placed for comments on 
the testing page. The list will be notified, when this occurs.


Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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