[EpiData-list] News sent out - and analysis b130 ready for testing

epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca
Thu Jan 31 14:32:18 CST 2008

I placed build 130 on the www.epidata.dk/testing.php for download.

Please see if recently reported bugs are solved as I expect. Most 
importantly it will be welcomed if some have the time to see if the 
adapted menu system is clear. The change is needed to facilitate 

Some experimentation can be done with translation but it is not in place 
completely. (translators can request material).

Some issues are still unsolved in v2, such as special types of merge and 
other details having the status "unresolved" in the Mantis database.

A news message has been sent to all 1046 persons registered on the 
"receive news from EpiData Association". I am not sure if an error 
occurred, but possibly everyone received the message four times 
(apologies if this is so).


Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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