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Dear Ziad,

 Your question is rather non specific, but I ve been through a similar
experience with some bad memories.

Review medical records is not an easy task. First of all, the type of study
> (for exemple a suvival analysis) is of extremem importance on how the data
> should be organized. Then you must decide what information should be
> extracted from the records. Going back to the records a second or third time
> is really frustrating and time consuming. In general for ARV, to register
> all the ARV combinations, with the start dates and end dates, all CD4 cell
> counts and Viral loads with their respective dates, all diagnosis of
> oportunistic infections and their respective dates of diagnosis. Also, you
> shlould consider making a separate data entry for each one of this data or
> all of them in the same data entry, if you have someone experience in this
> tipe of data analyis, the separate way will make easier to extract and type.
> To use the AUTOSEARCH LIST command in the check file will be of help. Also
> dont forget a field if the ARV is HAART or not and an outcome such as death
> and/or hospitalization and of course its date.

 Good Luck,
Pedro Brasil

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> Dear EpiDataLister,
> It is semi-technical question. I intend to review medical records
> retrospectively for patients on ARVs. It seems to be involving lot of
> papers to review their history to be able to enter them into EpiData.
> Meant to check if someone had similar experience to share how did you
> sort it out?
> Thank you in advance and best regards
> ziad

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