[EpiData-list] How to package Epidata Software with desired data entry files

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There are many solutions as some have already sent you. When packaging 
EpiData and Analysis up, you can use the shortcut/batch files mentioned 
to load Analysis so that it launches with an HTML file. This is the way 
it gets loaded the first time after it is installed. If you are at all 
familiar with command lines and simple HTML, have a look at the file in 
(on my computer) c:\program files\epidata\docs\en\startepi.htm

This HTML file provides a way to launch a menu system with Analysis. You 
can provide options such as
- Enter Data - launches Enter yourfile.rec
- Analyze Data - execute the READ yourfile command and then lets the 
user use Analysis commands - you can even package up what commands 
should be used.

However, these are not techniques for the novice. Have a look at 
startepi.htm to get an idea of how this works and then decide how 
sophisticated you want to make things (i.e. how easy/fool proof for your 


epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca wrote:
> Hi there,
> I am embarking on a project to keep an in-patient child admissions/discharge database in all district hospitals in our Province. I have designed the database and created data entry files (QES|CHK|REC|EIX) and put them into a folder (IPDatabase). Now what I wish to do is package this folder into the EpiData Entry|Analysis software (*.exe setup files); so that the users could just click the installation and have the software installed in a default WinXP Program directory directly, and with this would go the IPDatabase folder with all the data entry files. 
> 1. The user (data capturer) will then start data entry by going to the folder to pick up the .REC file in the IPDatabase folder, but first he will have to start up Epidata Entry..
> 2 Or create a desktop shortcut that will directly link up with the data entry process; without even staritng up the EpiData Entry software--desired outcome
> Why am I doing this?--well, I have users who have difficulties understanding difference between installation of the software and using the data entry file. One precess that will get the objectives met: capture data without having to think about the process.
> I hope this is a possibility?
> Many thanks in advance.
> SK
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