[EpiData-list] How to package Epidata Software with desired data entry files

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Thu Apr 10 04:51:49 CDT 2008

SK asked about “intelligent” setup on pc’s for users without IT knowledge.
  Basically install EpiData Entry on your computer and create the data entry files. 
  You can run the basic EpiData Entry and EpiData Analysis without installation of the programmes. 
  Package the data entry files (Qes, Chk, Rec, Eix) and only the EpiData.exe file (not the setup_epidata.exe file which does not need to be installed to run the program. Zip them and send them to the users.
  For the users: 
  Unzip the files into a created folder (IPDatabase in your case)
  In that folder, double click EpiData.exe, EpiData Entry opens, then go to “Enter Data” and open the created folder, and open the *.rec file for data entry.
  Second possibility is to create a link on the desktop and add the name of the datafile as a parameter e.g. “epidata.exe c:\ip\IPDatabase.rec”
  Additionally you could you could automate backup and exit EpiData Entry by adding the following block to the chk file. For the backup to work you must manually create the backup folder. 
    BACKUP c:\ip\backup zip ip DATE
  Biggie Mabaera
  Maseru, Lesotho

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