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Sat Apr 12 01:45:01 CDT 2008

Comment 1:

Hi Gustav,
What an coincidence. Today we have been doing something similar with the 
Danish cpr-nr which is 10 digit 'ddmmyyzzz'. When we treated this as a 
numeric fiels with 10 digits our algorithms broke down when the date was 
after the 21. I think that the problem is that the largest integer in 
many pc languages (here Delphi/pascal) for an integer systems is
The MaxInt constant gives the largest allowed value for an Integer. The 
value is normally (2^32)-1 = 2147483647

If you use a float you will get other problems.
The solution for us was to store the complete personal number af a 
string variable and then extract the relevant number using substr and real.

Best wishes

Seniorstatistician Claus Holst
Institute of Preventive Medicine
Center for Health and Society

The institute: http://www.ipm.regionh.dk
EU projects:  http://www.nugenob.org  http://www.diogenes-eu.org/

Comment 2:
In EpiData we recently changed default max length for integers to be 9 
digits and to have the same default in as well analysis and entry. 
(Although for analysis if you use gen command the length would be 4)

The reason for the limitation of length of integer being smaller than 
the MaxInt constant mentioned by Claus Holst. This is due to the 
founding of the rec file format in Epi Info v6, which handled integers 
until the length of 4 as true integers, but stored larger integers 
internally as floats.

We can discuss if the length of 9 is sufficient. But it is my experience 
in all software that merging on large integers tends to give problems of 
precision. Therefore my suggested solution for Gustav's problem would be 
as Claus Holst also suggests to use a string variable.

In extension (but not related to the integer/string problem) the 
algoritm for the luhn algorithm

(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luhn_algorithm) could be implemented as a user written CHK command based on the procedures written for EpiData Entry. This is documented on the page www.epidata.dk/documentation.php with two examples: Soundex, Metaphone and Gumm algoritms. 


Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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