[EpiData-list] Worked examples of EpiData Analysis: command line

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Mon Apr 14 09:10:05 CDT 2008

Dear all

I wish to use EpiData Analysis editor to write a program to help users prepare a standard statistical report from data they will be collecting in Epidata Entry. I have used SAS so am not new to command line programing. I have looked at the command line help in Analysis, but it does not have examples of the codes used: e.g. for the list command, I wish to use a selection of records IF a condition is met: list v1 v2 v3 /if v1<10

here is what I did and the error message:
. read
Loading data F:\EpiExam\blood.rec, please wait..
File name : F:\EpiExam\blood.rec
Fields: 5 Total records: 2166 Included: 2166
. List?????? idno? sr? /if idno<10
= sign expected at idno

Could someone help me out and send me an example where command lines are used for common analysis with options as well.

Again many thanks for the help,

South Africa

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