[EpiData-list] Re: New user trying to implement a check algoritm

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Tue Apr 15 19:44:53 CDT 2008

Range checks do work on string variables, since EpiData just compares 
the internal values. However, EpiData will not care whether the strings 
have non-numeric values within this range. For example, the following 
will pass the RANGE test:


since this is 12 digits and internally any string starting with "1993" 
will lie between "1992xxxxxxxx" and "2018xxxxxxxx"

EpiData will detect an error and assign a missing value to PRNx 
variables when this happens. The default option is to NOT notify you of 
errors in check files at data entry, so you should also check that 
If only the last digit (the checksum value) is bad, CHECKSUM <> PRN12 
will tell you there is an error

In my experience, the internal precision of EpiData will let you use 
12-digit integers. The RANGE checks will then work fine and entry of non 
numbers is impossible.

So another way to guarantee entry in this range is

define preQ2A ____________ global

  Range 1991...... etc
  preQ2A = string(preQ2)

and work everything on preQ2A, since it is easy to pick apart strings 
using the COPY function.

Where you can get into trouble with long integers is when you start to 
do arithmetic with them.


Gustaf wrote:
> I've now redefined preQ2 to be a string variable, but the RANGE check
> still works. How is this possible?

> preQ2
>     RANGE 199201010001 201801010001

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