[EpiData-list] Worked examples of EpiData Analysis: command line

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Tue Apr 15 19:57:01 CDT 2008

There is no / before the if
This is a case of EpiData having somewhat simpler and more natural 
syntax. The / is reserved for options.


list idno sr if idno < 10

There is only one option with list (/no to not show record numbers), so:

list idno sr /no if idno < 10

Syntax for this use of IF is in the command reference under "temporary 

The error messages with syntax problems are sometimes misleading.


SK wrote:
> here is what I did and the error message:
> . read
> Loading data F:\EpiExam\blood.rec, please wait..
> File name : F:\EpiExam\blood.rec
> Fields: 5 Total records: 2166 Included: 2166
> . List?????? idno? sr? /if idno<10
> = sign expected at idno

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