[EpiData-list] Problems in EpiData Analysis test build 134 (browse and editor block)

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Fri Apr 25 03:21:51 CDT 2008

EpiData Analysis build 134

I found problems with the internal definitions of variable names after
running a browse in combination of running part of a pgm file in the
editor in a block (F8).

If you get strange "variable not found ....." or similar error and that
variable is no longer in your dataset, unfortunetely you have to close
analysis and start over.

The error is either part of the editor NOT parsing lines correctly to
analysis (e.g. the block is sent for analysis in a different size than
shown on the screen) or the browser not cleaning up memory correctly after
a browse.

The error will be further documented, tracked and removed. I have NOT been
able to create the error without using browse. - for safe mode showing of
data in this build then use list command instead.

(This underlines the necessity of always having a test period before final


Jens Lauritsen
Coordinator and initiator of EpiData Project

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