[EpiData-list] How to keep data when modifying questionnaire

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Mon Apr 28 12:23:40 CDT 2008

Dear Ziad:

I assume that you chose "2. Make data file" after adding the two new 
fields to the QES file.  This will over-write your existing REC file 
with a new empty REC file and all your data are lost.  There are two 
ways to prevent this:

1) After you changed your QES file, go to "4. Enter Data" and open your 
existing REC file, and you will be prompted whether the REC file should 
incorporate the new structure (it checks for the date of the QES file 
and sees that it is newer than the REC file).  As you only added fields, 
there is no data loss.

2) From "Tools" choose "Revise data file" and you will be prompted for 
the name of the QES file

Either way gets you to the same result with your data preserved.


epidata-list at lists.umanitoba.ca wrote:
> Hi,
> i started data entry and now need to add 2 new variables to the QES
> file, when i transfer the QES file into REC file, the old data
> disappeared, any tips how to avoid it?
> Thank you in advance and best regards
> ziad

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