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First to say how great the outbreak analysis option is in Epi analysis.  Instead of slowly cutting and pasting or copying information from a whole series of 2 by 2 tables as in Epi Info as I used to, I can now quickly create an attack rate table with for all exposures of interest including not just attack rates in the exposed and unexposed, but relative risks, p values and confidence intervals though that one command. I am helping analyse an outbreak at the moment and it has saved me lots of time, thank you very much. I am still learning about working with the output though, so what I am interested to learn from others is if you are using epi analysis attack rate output table in reports written in microsoft word and if so how. I was asked to provide the table in a version that could be incorporated in a write up about the outbreak to be written in MS word . 

My method was to
1. open microsoft word
2. chose insert file (making sure all files option was selected)
3. Insert the epianalysis htm file containing the table
4. Use table/select table and autoformat/grid 
5. Do a small amount of re-formating
This resulted in a table that looked OK in an MS word document - but is there a better way to do it?

Also how do you change the default filename and path from EAoutput.htm to something else?

I have another question about the epicurv but will email separately



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