[EpiData-list] Copying tables and graphs from analysis to a report

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Wed May 7 14:33:57 CDT 2008

1. manipulating file names and positions.
 The output saved by command "openlog" can be placed anywhere, include 
the path you like, e.g.:
  logopen "f:\australia\outbreak\first attempt\logfile 1.htm"

2. Copying graphs from output:
  To get graphs from output can be done in several ways:
  a1. produce a single graph.
  b1 switch to an open "other application", e.g. textprocessing.
       press ctrl+v      (and the graph as added as a wmf editable file)

  a2. point at a graph in output with the mouse.
  b2. right click on that graph and "copy to clipboard"
  c2. switch to the other application and press : Ctrl+V
          the graph is added as a bmp file (non-editable)

  a3. produce the graph and add the /save="Myfile" option
        You can specify graph format with a set command.

3. Copy tables:
  a. produce a table in output.
  b. add en empty line at the bottom of the screen by putting a period 
"." in the command prompt and pressing enter
  c. mark the table from the command to the line after the table as a block
  d. right click within the block.
  e. Choose either "copy as text" or "copy as html".
  f. Switch to other application and press ctrl+V (or insert special).
        with text you get tab delimited text copied,
        with html a formatted table (if the recipient can take in such a 

regards Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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