[EpiData-list] Attachments on EpiDatalist - do not use.

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Fri May 9 16:16:04 CDT 2008

The EpiData list is planned as a "list without attachments". The
problem of attachments is that sometimes they work only if users have
certain software. (Apart from EpiData software).

In general all attachments will be stripped (deleted), but sometimes the
filters for this are not sufficient.

The advice for users is to:

A. Send mail as TEXT only mail to the list
B. Try to generalise the statements in standard text
C. Keep volumen low, since with slow internet connections the contents
gets to be a problem.
There is a limit on size in the list. If we run into problems I
might change the limit (up or down).

In other words. Attachments gives different users problems. So please
send your questions as ordinary text only. Extended documentation or
files can be the user be uploaded to that users own website. And then in
the posting to the list refer to that site, where the file is placed.


Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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