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Wed May 14 20:44:22 CDT 2008

Susan - glad to see you are using EpiData. I think you just need to look 
at some of the sample files to get over the initial step of learning 
some of the syntax.

You cannot create a variable of mixed type (##____________). This will 
always create two variables and this is how you need to set up your 
file. Although programs like Access will let you create patterns for 
data entry, they will not let you create mixed type variables. You will 
find that EpiData has huge advantages.

I suggest you just set up your data entry line as follows

somevar ##__________________________

EpiData creates two fields (variables), named "somevar" and "somevar01" 
- may vary depending on your settings. This is actually exactly what you 
want. You can then set a range or legal values on the ## field to be 
sure the entry is correct. If you need to combine them into one at some 
point, this is very easy in EpiData or any other software.

In your other postings, there are a couple of things to watch out for - 
these are explained in the short introduction file.
1) In the check file, text that has any spaces or other special 
characters must be put into regular quotes

3 "espanol e ingles igual"

2) If your entry field is ##, do not use decimal points in the range or 
legal values

  LABEL label_dm2
    lang  pref
    1 Spanish
    2 English

While a number of us will be glad to offer help as you get started, I 
encourage you to look at examples, at the list serv archives and at all 
of the help files for guidance.

> I want to create a variable that is numeric ## and text
> ___________________________ for a fill in response such as “other”.  However, a
> combination of text and numeric within the same variable creates two variables. 
> For statistical purposes I don’t want to opt for text only.  Suggestions?
> Susan Caplan, RN, MSN, FNP-BC
> Yale University
> PhD Student in Nursing

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