[EpiData-list] Re: Outbreak analysis diary - attack rate table

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Sun Jun 8 20:54:57 CDT 2008

The TAB menu for outbreak analysis is "Compact". Then you can choose OR 
or RR & Attack Rates. It will let you select all of the exposures using 
check boxes.

Have you clicked on the Editor button and then chosen "Insert History"? 
This is the easiest way to create a .PGM file.

For multiple data sets (we do this every year in our Field Epidemiology 
Course), you can use Merge in EpiData Entry or just READ multiple data 
sets on one line in Analysis and then SAVEDATA.


Christine wrote:
> I really like the outbreak analysis feature but on my wish list would be 
> 1. for 'outbreak analysis' to be an option in one of the menus somewhere. I only knew about this feature through someone mentioning it on the list and I had to search through the docuentation to find it. Maybe this was what the 'attack rate plus RR' option was but I could not seem to select this - it stayed greyed out

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