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Tue Jun 10 16:55:52 CDT 2008

The easy way to use browse is: Hit the F6 button.
This will move control to the browse window and show all current data
Obviously a pgm cannot be running in the background, but a strategy whereby:

The system to help beginners is the "dialog" / menu system, which you 
find using the toolbar.
By using the dialog there is no need to know the options for most 
standard possibilities.

1. For beginners:
a Use the menu's and the toolbar to create a command, e.g. in analysis 
find the tables part
b In the menu's (dialogs) there is a "more" arrow. When clicking this 
more options show up.
   By the menu's most standard options are available, but for some see 
the "experienced".

2. Experienced
a Write the command in the command prompt.
b If in doubt of options, click the F1 button and the help file for that 
command will be shown in the viewer.

3. Run the command / execute the command

4. When all is in place and running. Open the pgm file editor (F5) and 
insert history
    Clean up in the lines and you have your working pgm ready.

Jens Lauritsen
EpiData Association

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